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    Double Elimination
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    October 6, 2018 at 3:00 PM EDT
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We know your main, we know your load-out. But what happens when it's randomized?




Rules:                 Double Elimination, B03 matches until grand finals and losers finals, which are then B05.

1. Characters and ARMS:

-Characters and Arms will be randomized using the ARMSBOT (Those who are unfamiliar, the commands are ?rnd for random arms and ?rnd char for random character). You are responsible for finding out your new load-out through ARMSBOT.


- In the event you have double or triple of the same ARMS, you may reroll. This does not include "clones/genres" of ARMS.


-When you get the same character on your last “roll”, you may have the choice to  reroll your character.


-Every new match you will need to randomize your ARMS and Character again. This means you should have at least 2 randomized sets per B03.


2. Stages:

-Mausoleum, Temple grounds, Sparring Ring, Buster Beach, DNA Lab, Via Dolce and Scrapyard.

-To keep a competitive atmosphere, we will keep the stages we normally use in tournaments. The host of the lobby will set these stages and when both players are readied up, the match will OBVIOUSLY randomize it for you.

-We have a dedicated channel for the ARMSBOT to work in, please use commands in the #Bot-Channel OR in the #C1-5 Channels. THIS IS A REMINDER, the ARMSBOT can sometimes double the output of a set if players post the same command at the same time. PLEASE be aware of this and use these channels to lessen the chances of that! 

#Tournaments-Channel is where you can chat with other players, however the #C1-5 Channels can also be used.

COMMANDS: Random Arms = ?RND, Random Character = ?RND CHAR. If you want to set up a banner with you FC and settings Use the ?H command for the bot to send you a message with those details. ?Whois will make it easier to find your Friend codes if you are already registered in ARMSBOT

4. Lag

-IF there is any lag dispute in the tournament, there will be a timeout immediately with no questions asked. All disputes will be addressed in #ar-disputes and NO OTHER PLACE. Our mods WILL NOT even look at your dispute if it is not in #ar-disputes in the MWe server.


-Lag is always going to be an issue with online tournaments. This tournament has cash prizes and it doesn’t have to be that way if I choose it to be, so listen close! These rules will be followed STRICTLY and shall be enforced. Follow the protocol or else your claim may not be viewed.


*Disclaimer: By entering this tournament, you understand that lag is not the FAULT of anyone, it is a consequence of normal online play. We will try our best to resolve all issues. PLEASE keep a level head while we try to resolve the issue.


                                                          BEFORE DISPUTING- Ask yourself

1.Was it substantial lag?

              a.            Single short burst lag will be dismissed. Do not dispute.

2. Do you believe that this lag was caused by connection and not regional lag?

              a.            Regional lag cannot be helped. Dispute only if severe.

3.Was the lag so severe that you believe your opponent should not move on?

              a.            Your dispute could disqualify you or your opponent. Is it deserved?

4. Do you have proper video evidence of the instance?

              a.            Use a 30 second clip to record the section of lag.

5. Do you have your internet speed and ping test evidence ready?

              a. Go to to test your speed/ping before you dispute.


*IF you answer NO to any of these questions, play on and don’t waste our time. This is a single man operation.


How to start your dispute


Step 1: Take a 30 second clip of the lag during your match. (Hold “Capture” button on the switch controller) KEEP FIGHTING!

Step 2: Finish your entire set.  FINISH ALL THE ROUNDS IN YOUR SET. You will only start a dispute when you have finished whether win or lose that match!

Step 3: Go to MWe’s Discord channel here:

Step 4: Go to the #ar-disputes channel and ping Radio.

Step 5: Provide video evidence of the lag as well as a NEW internet speed and ping test. Provide these two proofs to Radio.

Step 6: Let the Mods do their job. They will look for evidence and tell you what you need to do.


Moderator Procedure

Step 1: Determine if both players have adequate internet speed and ping.

Step 2: Determine if there is proof of visible lag.

Step 3: Determine whether there will be a replay or if the match stands.


Player Procedure

Step 1: Restart your Switch and your internet router.

Step 2: Make sure to join a brand new lobby, hosted by a different individual.


Moderator Checklist

[ ] Video evidence of visible, substantial and lasting lag

[ ] Not regional lag

[ ] Speed test Player 1 over 3 Mbps Download/ 1Mbps Upload

[ ] Ping test Player 1 average under 100ms + max ping under 500ms

[ ] Speed test Player 2 over 3 Mbps Download/ 1Mbps Upload

[ ] Ping test Player 2 average under 100ms + max ping under 500ms

*If all of these boxes are checked:

-The result is a replay.

*If lag boxes are left unchecked and speed/ping is checked:

-The result stands

*If Speed/Ping boxes are left unchecked:

    -Player with inadequate Speed/Ping loses that match (1 entire BO1)

    -Player must reset Switch and Router

    -If lag continues and player fails a second Speed/Ping test, they are disqualified.

Final Results

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