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View the schedule for the Finals.

Add your Match to the schedule. 

All matches are due by the specified date above the bracket. If you are having difficulties reaching your opponent please let a tournament admin know. You will be forfeited if you do not make an effort to contact your partner and set up a time to race. If you need additional time make sure to message an admin and we will try to accommodate your situation. Just remember that your next match will be due at the same time as everyone else so be diligent. 

View schedule of previous matches.   

Viewer Guidelines. 

Make sure your viewers know these guidelines as well. It is your responsibility to avoid chat spoilers.


If you wish to help out with the commentary team there will be a few guidelines to follow. Please review this doc before signing up on the calendar. 

All you need to do to sign up is go to the calendar, pick a match that you would be available for and add a comment to the commentators box. 

Commentary will be selected on a first come first served basis with mandatory rotations based on availability. No same person will be commentating the entire tournament unless there is no other available option.


The tournament will be a randomizer race tournament! Up + A on the second controller while paused is allowed (and you are highly encouraged to use it, as otherwise it is possible to become soft locked in a room, as are any other standard glitches (including, but not limited to, block clips and screen scrolls). The races will require killing Gannon, and end when Zelda is saved.

Tournament Format 

The tournament will be run as a double elimination tournament. Players are expected to play 1 match per week in the winner’s bracket, and 2 matches/week in the loser bracket.

Players will be seeded by the admins based on a combination of SRL ranking points for Randomizer, average race times, and ability.

For the initial rounds, the flags to be used will be 31MZ5T2W351I04 (the same flags found by pressing the Tournament button in the randomizer application); in summary, players must collect all 8 triforce pieces, kill Gannon, and find Zelda .  Players may optionally elect to enable the following options:  Enable Item Swap with Select, Disable Music, Link Sprite, and Starting Tunic Color.  

In the winner's Top 8 Round and beyond (as well as the Top 8 Round and beyond in the Loser's Bracket), the flags will be FHC7WJF4A2UXI04 . This has four additional options selected:  Shuffle Start Screen, Randomize Enemy HP, Shuffle White Sword, and Randomize Dungeon Rooms.  Players may optionally elect to enable the following options:  Enable Item Swap with Select, Disable Music, Link Sprite, and Starting Tunic Color.  

Registration for the tournament is closed.  The tournament will start the weekend of June 4.


All Speed Runs Live (SRL) racing rules apply. All participants must use approved emulators/consoles and stream their races. We recommend that you locally save your race-stream file in the event that your stream is disconnected and you are “proofcalled” on your time. If you are not registered with SRL, please do so now. If you do not know how to set up or use an SRL account, please contact a moderator for assistance. Once the race is completed, please get in contact with a member of the admin team to update the standings and times.

Races must be played blind (both in not having played the seed before, and in not having any information from the other player). Players cannot receive any spoilers from their chats, nor are they allowed to watch the other racer. Please make sure to post in your channel that spoilers are not allowed. Players are restricted from viewing the restream video or chat until after they have completed their match. Players are in charge of policing their own chat and utilizing the most practical method possibly to avoid reading spoilers. This can be achieved by closing chat, having mods that are monitoring chat and can purge quickly, putting your channel in subscriber only mode (even if you are not a twitch partner) to allow only appointed moderators to speak, etc.

Scheduled matches need to be played before the specified deadline.  Ideally, we will be trying to stream all matches, so please submit the timing of your matches using the form (to be provided) so that a restream can be coordinated.

We realize that a tournament of this magnitude has a lot of people with a lot of schedules to work around. That being said, if you schedule a match with someone and then bail on the scheduled time without prior notice, you may be removed from the tournament at the organizer's discretion.

Any disputes will be handled by the mod team, who will have final say in all matters.  Should a member of the mod team be involved in the dispute, that member will have no say in the final decision.

Match Procedure

Discuss and schedule a time to play your match against your opponent. We recommend using Discord or Challonge, but other methods of communication are certainly welcome.  Please contact an admin for a link to join the Discord server!

When both participants are ready, begin a race in the #speedrunslive IRC channel on irc.speedrunslive.com or at http://www.speedrunslive.com/channel/ with the command:

.startrace tlozhacks

Once the race channel has been created, join that specific channel. fc bot will most likely join the channel once the room is created. fc has the ability to automatically set the goal with randomly generated seed number and the tournament flags. Within the channel, you will be able to type the command:


Use the specified seed number and flags to generate your randomizer ROM.

Once that has been completed, both participants should enter the race. This can be performed with the following command:


When both participants are ready to begin the race, have their stream available, and are waiting on a file on the file select screen, type the following command:


The Race bot will then begin to countdown in the race chat, and upon reaching 0 both players will begin the race. The conclusion of these races will be determined by loss character control after touching Zelda. Upon doing so, go to the race channel and type:


(The winner is determined by the first person to type .done)

And that’s it. Once the race is completed, please get in contact with a member of the admin team to update the standings and times. 


Some additional handy commands for the race:

  • .quit - If something arises and you need to remove yourself from the race, then use the .quit command.

  • .undone - Use if you prematurely type .done or .quit before the race has ended.

  • .time - Displays the current elapsed time of the race.

  • .forward - Forwards the race channel chat to your twitch channel chat.

FAQs / Q&As

  • In the rare case of a race tie (as determined by the .done times recorded on SRL), racers will have to replay the race using a new seed.  We don’t think this will happen, but wanted to spell that out (as it happened thrice during the Z1 tourney).

Final Results

Supreme Champion: Saver
Worthy Adversary: Ategenos
Maybe Next Time: JamEvil

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