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1. You will receive one randomly generated starter Pokemon from Scrublord2407. Simply send Scrublord2407 a PM to receive your starter Pokemon. Once the tournament starts, you will use this one Pokemon to battle your opponent for your first match. 

2. You may gain one Pokemon from the party of a person you beat. 

3. You may evolve one Pokemon every time you win. This Pokemon can be the Pokemon you received from your most recent win. You are allowed to apply two evolutions to the same Pokemon in a Doubles C&E.

4. Mega Evolution is allowed at any point in the tournament. The Mega Stone must be legal in the tournament's format.  Mega Evolution must occur in battle; do not put the Mega form in the teambuilder. 

5. Matches will be in the SM OU format, and subject to the rules of that format. Any item, ability, and moveset allowed in that format is allowed on your Pokemon at any time. This includes Mega Stones, Z-Crystals, and Focus Sashes. 

6. If I have to wait on you for more than 3 minutes, you may be disqualified. 

7. You are allowed one reroll. If you chose to reroll,  you are stuck with whatever Pokemon you get, and you will be unable to go back. If you choose to reroll in a Doubles C&E, both starters will be rerolled. 

8. Alternate Forms: If you are given a starter that has alternate forms (like Vulpix) and no form is specified (Non-Alolan forms will be referred to as "standard"), you are allowed to pick which form you begin with. Pokemon that can evolve into multiple forms (Cubone, Exeggcute, Espurr, Nincada, Pikachu, etc) should be considered to have a branch evolution. If you possess a Pokemon with multiple forms, you may only alter the Pokemon's form if that is possible in-game (Kyurem could become Kyurem-Black or Kyurem-White in a Legendary C&E, but a Male Meowstic could not be turned into a Female Meowstic and an Alolan Vulpix cannot become a standard Vulpix/Ninetales).

PM Showdown user Scrublord2407 to get your Pokemon. You are responsible for signing yourself up for this tournament, and for making sure your Challonge username and Showdown username match


冠军: Kyni
有价值对手: ucfvball4


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