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Blazblue CTB Takeover #4

Challonge premier badge
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platform: PS4

Location: Online

Entry Fee: FREE 

Start Time: Around 8:00pm EST Could be later depending on life circumstances 

Twitch (if you are interested in watching when you are not playing) : Twitch:

Discord Channel (Must be a part of this to join the tournament):


1.    - Matches are best of 5 meaning you need to win 3 games to win the round.

2.    - You must be a member in the discord to join as it is the way TO's will communicate with the entrees.

3.     - Your Challonge and Discord name should match as it makes communication simple and convenient.

4.    - Be sure to check in here on Challonge as well as discord so the TO's know that you are available to play. (15 mins prior to the tournament would be appreciated and 5 minutes before the tournament starts will be mandatory).

5.    - Regarding the rules for receiving a game loss or DQ:

•    Trolling within the discord, Challonge, or room l will result in losses, DQs or bans depending on the context and intensity of the activity.

•    Failure to appropriately listen to and follow the directions of the TO will result in a game loss or DQ depending on the context.

•    Character Swapping:  Characters may be swapped in between matches and only the loser of the previous game may switch characters.  Failure to comply with these rules will result in a game loss for every time characters are illegally swapped.  Although characters may only be swapped if a player loses the order of a team (which character starts the fight) is allowed to be changed regardless of winning or losing the previous game.

•    Disconnections will have a three-strike system where the first offense results in a game loss regardless of reason or state of game.  The second offense will result in a match loss immediately.  A third offense will DQ you from a tournament and leave you with a penalty which will prevent you from entering the next week’s tournament.  If you are found to be attempting to get around the penalty while penalized you will be banned from the tournament series and discord.

•    Rage-Quitting will not be tolerated and will land you with an immediate match loss if found to be doing so, if done twice in the same tournament the same penalty for disconnecting three times will be given and the same rules for that penalty will apply


冠军: Jan
有价值对手: Darkdes
下次再说: OmniSScythe


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