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NA Discord SF5 Tournament #3

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Register your challonge entry as your CFN !

  • To do this, after you Sign up click "Go to your settings" on the Bracket Page to change your name on the bracket to your CFN.

It's also helpful to update your discord name or NickName on the server to include your CFN.  
This makes it easier to find matches as well as TOs locating fighters.

1) GiantGrowthVixen, rwgoalie39 and AngeTime will be TOs for this.

2) Top 8 will be on twitch; lobbies will be hosted by me and streamed HERE

  • Must be apart of discord group AND in North American Region
  • Participants MUST check-in before tournament starts or they will be kicked
    • Check in is a full hour before tournament so you have time
  • Participants must complete scheduled fight within 15 minutes of each round, specifically when the initial request is sent. If you cannot find your opponent after 5-10 minutes please contact a Tournament Official.
    • Participants SHOULD NOT disqualify other competitors, only TOs !
  • Bracket will be shuffled randomly before tournament kicks-off
    • Sign in order will be irrelevant - matchups decided by RNG-sus - no 'seeds'
  • Every set should be a FT2 -UNLESS- it is TOP 4 which will be FT3
    • I'm honestly going to assume most people understand how bracket reset works.
  • Battle lounge should be created by person who is the listed 'top' on match-up.
    • If you really don't care who creates lounge, this is more of a suggestion than rule.

General Participant Code of Conduct

  1. Participants may report their scores after matches - Honor code.  If you believe something was incorrectly scored please have screenshots and message @NowItsAngeTime in Discord.
  2. Understand that you may not get the best possible connection if your match-up is East Coast vs. West Coast.  While we would all like to play in minimal ping this is simply not possible.  Please do not complain about losing from lag or rollback; it's annoying we get it; but just fight your best !!


  1. Unlike previous tournaments hosted a prize will be provided for the winner!
  2. The winner of the tournament will be able to choose ONE of the following:
  • $10 PSN Card (Code)
  • $10 Steam Card (Code)
  • $10 Sent to their PayPal account


冠军: hunterxninja
有价值对手: yomamafied
下次再说: Eped-emicc


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