Ultimate Hope #3 (shut up we skipped the last one i forgot)

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Same prizes, same meme. Come have a good time fam.

As per usual tournaments, there'll be procedures for striking stages, counterpicks, and the such:

Before every battle, you'll have to tell your opponent what character you are using. There's no changes allowed for characters unless both players agree to the change. After game one, however, counter picking characters is allowed. The winner is allowed to switch before the loser does, to give the loser an advantage when counterpicking. Winner must inform loser of their change, and then loser may switch characters if he so wishes to, and must tell the opponent. Similarly, stages may be banned or used as a counterpick. The winner must ban a stage from the legal stage list, and the loser gets to pick a stage out of all the stages remaining. Dave's Stupid Rule (DSR) may be used in the benefit of the winner if he so wishes to enforce it. The Gentleman's rule may also be used, in which both players agree to go to a specific stage regardless of legality, at the discretion of the TO.

Stage banning for the first match is determined by higher seed going first, 1-2-1.

General Rules:

·  2 stocks – 6 minutes | Items: OFF | Customs: OFF |

·  Miis are banned.

·  Matches will be Best of 3 | Best of 5 for Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals

·  Stalling is banned. This includes using infinite past 200%, or any act that makes the game unplayable. This is judged by the TO’s discretion.

·  Sudden Death is never played. Timeouts are decided by stock, then percentage with the one being lowest winning. In a case of a tie, a one stock 3 minute match will be played on the same stage as a tiebreaker.

Stage List:


·  Battlefield/Miiverse (meaning if you strike or ban one, you strike both)

·  Final Destination

·  Lylat Cruise

·  Smashville

·  Town & City


·  Dreamland 64

·  Any omega stage (banning this also bans FD)


冠军: IAmAru
有价值对手: JaeBo
下次再说: SoraIzumi


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