Game Realms - Sm4sh Anniversary Tournament [SINGLES]

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Game Realms - Super Smash Bros Wii U Anniversary Tournament!



November marks the one year anniversary for Game Realms! In commemoration of one year of tournaments, this upcoming tournament will be a bit more special than usual. This coming November 18, expect the following:

- INCREASED PRIZE POT: This tournament, we’ll be throwing in a $100 pot bonus to our singles tournament! 

- DOUBLES: We’re hosting our first ever doubles tournament!


- Friendlies open up at 5:30pm; signups for singles and doubles begin

- Doubles begins at 6:00pm sharp

- Singles begin at 8:00pm and will continue through the evening

-TOURNAMENT RULES: We will be following the Smash 4 Recommended Ruleset (


$25 for a team for singles and doubles

- $5 per person ($10) - venue

- $2.50 x 2 for doubles ($5) – pot

- $5.00 x2 for singles ($10) – pot

$15 for a team for doubles

- $5 per person ($10) - venue

- $2.50 for doubles ($5) - pot

$10 for singles

- $5 per person - venue

- $5 for singles - pot

$5 for singles late entrant

$2.50 for doubles late entrant

--$4 venue fee waiver for anyone that brings a setup (Wii U, copy of Smash Bros. for the Wii U, and Gamecube Adapter). All characters and legal stages MUST be unlocked. If you bring a setup, you are expected to have your setup available until we reach the Singles tournament’s Winners Semis!


- Attendees, both participants and non-participants, are expected to act respectfully towards the venue, its employees, space, and equipment, and other tourneygoers. Acting in a way that could pose danger to others will result in disqualification and ejection from the venue.

- Attendees are liable for any damages they render on equipment and/or property.

- No alcohol, illegal substances, or weapons allowed in the venue.

- Collusion / bracket manipulation is forbidden.

- All issues are determined and resolved at the discretion of the TO. Failure to adhere to the rules will result in punishment at the TO's discretion, including but not limited to disqualification and ejection from the venue.


冠军: eM | Zenyou
有价值对手: mariomaster71
下次再说: DCG WC | Ki


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