Luna's Competitive Tournament 4

  •   82 玩家 Double Elimination
  •   Lethal League
  •   2017年 September月 30日 4:00 PM EDT
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Voting has ended with the popular vote going to the 1v1 choice. This means that the winner of the tournament gets to choose any game that is worth up to 60$.


Tournament will take place Saturday, September 30th beginning at 4PM EST / 10PM CET with the check-ins starting an hour prior to the tournament.

 Tournament chat is currently in TR Hideout Discord Server:

Channel where the current tourny chat is taking place is in #Lethal League


8 Stocks, 8 Ball Speed

Stage Picking/Banning

-In a Best of 3 (First to two wins) Set:

The First Game

With stage banning, you have two options:

-Gentlemen to a random stage. This essentially means that both players are indifferent to what stage they start on, and as a result will start with a random stage.

-Stage Strike. This takes priority over random stage. If one player wants to go random, but the other player wishes to strike stages, then both players MUST strike. This is to ensure no intentional advantage is given to either player, specifically the host. 
-Please note that the stage striking order is 1-2-2-1-1. This means one player strikes one stage, then the other player strikes two, then the player who struck first strikes two more stages, leaving one stage left which will be played on.

-You are not allowed to go back to a stage at any point in a set if you have already won on that stage. If game 1 on city is lost, and the loser chooses to go back to city, that is allowed.

-If you look at challonge, you'll notice every player has a number next to their name. This is your seed. Keep it in mind for the duration of the tourney, as whichever of the two players has the LOWER number (Higher Seed, closer to 1 the better) should host the lobby to play your set.

Game 2 (and game 3, if needed):

-Whoever the winner of the previous match is is given the option to ban ONE STAGE of the given 7 stages. From there, the loser of the previous match will pick from the remaining six stages.

-In a Best of 5 set, the winner of a match does not ban a stage, and the loser of the previous match picks from any of the 7 stages. All other rules above apply.

-Stage List:

Character Picks:

-At the start of the set, you may choose any character you wish. However, if you won the previous match in the set, you must stay that character for the next game. If you lost the previous game, you may switch as you please.

-RANDOM IS ALLOWED. If you choose random and won the previous match, however, you must stay whatever character was previously randomed the next match (Ex: You picked Candyman game 1 and won the match, so you must stay Candyman for game 2. If you lost the first game as Candyman, however, you could choose random again).

Please note all sets are best of 3 except for LOSERS FINALS, WINNERS FINALS, and GRAND FINALS. These sets are best of 5.


冠军: Haru_0
有价值对手: Ball_Slayer
下次再说: Saxxy


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