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To celebrate the last playtest before Early Access, three tournaments will be hosted over the next week, hosted by three different Icons players (Wonderbop, Hylian and myself). This is one of them!

An Icons: Combat Arena tournament taking place on June 30th, 2018 at 6:00 PM, Central Standard Time. You can convert your time zone here:

Tournament Discord can be found here (Hylian's Hycons Discord):

Tournament Rules:

- All matches are best of 3 until Top 8. From then on, matches are best of 5.

- For game 1 in a set, stage striking goes as follows: Lower seed strikes one stage, higher seed strikes two, and lower seed picks from the remaining stages. Character picking is double blind (enforced - you do not need to say your character at the start of the set) and occurs after selecting stages as done by the game.

- For counterpicking, the winner of the previous game bans a stage, and a loser picks from the remaining 4. In best of 5 sets, the winner does not get to ban a stage. Once a stage is selected, the winner may choose to switch characters, and then the loser may choose to do so. Stage bans only apply for the next immediate game/counterpicking session.

- Modified DSR is in effect; you cannot select the last stage you won on unless agreed to by both players.

- If you do not show up to your match after 10 minutes of it being called, you will be completely disqualified.

- If you can play your match, please do so. Holding up bracket will also result in complete disqualification if it is excessive. Please report your matches; if you cannot, please tag me with the result and play out your next set, if able.

- Tournament cap is 64 players. If your Discord name differs from your Challonge account, please indicate it in Discord or sign up as your Discord name in Challonge.


冠军: JFyst
有价值对手: mrmime
下次再说: LiberationEXE


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