NA Ladder Heroes January Monthly

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Ladder Heroes is brought to you by feardragon!

Channel: LadderHeroes


  • Games default to NA, unless both players agree to another server


  • 12 man, Single elim bracket, top 4 players seeded a round in
  • Seeding is done via aligulac points amongst 1st-4th place, and 5th-12th place
  • Bo3 with Bo5 finals

- Not every Ro12/Ro8 game casted. Semi-finals and Finals are both casted. If players play the semis or finals without casters, the organizer reserves the right to force them to replay the series/game, or to cast the replays and halt the tournament until all unbroadcasted games are casted.

- Current Ladder map pool on the day of the event

- Race switching allowed between games(not just series)

- Vetos are done in ABAB ABC format, high seed chooses if they want to veto first or second.

- If you are more than 15 minutes late for your match, you will be dq'd. Make sure to screenshot if your opponent is being dq'd.

- Players that no-show without sufficient advanced notice may be banned from the following month's monthly final. This does not prevent participation in the weeklies.

- All replays will be given to subscribers

-Players have the right to breaks during a tournament. Players cannot be scheduled to play more than eight series per day. Players must be given a minimum of a ten (10) minute break after every series, and a thirty (30) minute break after four consecutive series. Players have the right to a minimum of ten (10) hours break scheduled between the last series of a day and the first series of the following day. Players must understand that delays may result in a shortened night break.

-Players have the right to refuse to play. Matches that are not played may result in an automatic loss and may result in a change of position and prize pool in accordance to the rules. Tournament organizers may reschedule online matches with twenty-four (24) hours’ notice if players provide doctor’s notes in case of sickness or death notes in case of a loss of an immediate family member.

-Players will be awarded their cash winnings in a method that is timely and convenient as well as communicated in advance. Players will be paid within thirty (30) days of the final day of an event.

- Payout: $200 for 1st, $75 for 2nd, $37 for 3rd/4th, $12.50 for 5th-8th



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