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Pharroh's Combo Killers Week 13

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  • Double Elimination
  • Killer Instinct
  • 2016年 October月 22日 6:00 PM CDT
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Hey Everyone! Interested in Local Houston Monthlys? We have started weekly tournaments for KI, Smash 4, Melee, and SFV! Youll get your chance to take the title on your game of choice once a month! Make sure to go like The Slurred Nerd over at to be as up to date as possible! And over at The Slurred Nerd Media on Facebook and Youtube, if youre interested in Technology, Music, and Gaming, our new series BGVSTHEWORLD has you covered with Mon-Fri news videos, Otaku culture, and more! Go like us on facebook and subscribe on youtube!

This Tuesday Houston KI local tournament at Neil's Bahr in downtown Houston.

Top 4 will receive Killer Cup Points! 1st gets 20, 2nd gets 15, 3rd gets 10 and 4th gets 5.

Killer Cup Rankings and more @

A Giveaway of Gears of War Ultimate Edition will be given out with 2 character skin codes! TBD of how they are given out. Courtesy of Brick1248! Give him a Big Thank you for him donating these codes to be given out to the Community!

 Please READ ALL of the RULES!

  Please add TM Pharroh Yami  on Xbox. It saves us time searching for you! Thanks!

This is a weekly ONLINE tournament every Saturday at 6pm Central time! Rank does not matter here! All players are welcome here.

While the live Twitch stream will start earlier, the tournament will start at 6 pm Central to give time for anyone joining the live Twitch stream to sign up and fill any remaining slots in the tournament at the last minute.


Check in starts 2 hours early here at at 3:30pm Central. and last spots to people joining on twitch before hand if we have open slots.


If your challonge acct doesnt match, just register, then hit settings, then change your display name to your properly spelled Gamertag.

Rules are standard major tournament rules:

Best 2 of 3 double elimination except Winners Bracket and Loser Bracket Finals, which are best 3 of 5. Grand Finals are also best 3 of 5

Loser may swap characters between matches. Winners may not. If winner swaps, winner take a loss for the match.

Regarding LAG, if there is major lag or cant connect, match will be done off stream.

If there are multiple problems with lag, the player that has the issues will be DQ'ed.

To eliminate lag during the live stream, please use Devil's Landing when your on stream with us.

If you do not check in by 6pm, you will be scratched from the bracket and someone will replace you.

You will get an invite for your matches or I will tell you ON STREAM to do your match. Please do not jump the gun!

All players must be watching the stream to know what is going on for your match! If you are not ready to play your matches when called, after a reasonable amount of time, you may be DQ'd. We will do our best to work with you but we are NOT going to chase you around. Communication is key but we must also keep this tournament moving as time is also a factor especially for our players in other countries.

This will be broadcasted @  

Video of last tournament is at 

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