SC2Online Community Open #39

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1st 70% 2nd 30% of min $100 USD

+ 370 OSC points 1st-16th

Add $1 to the prizepool for free here with code CO39

Points count towards qualifying for the $10,000+ end of season tournament and ongoing World Rankings!

Open to all! Meet KR Server. Channel: OSC

Maps: Abyssal Reef LE, Paladino Terminal LE, Proxima Station LE, Honorgrounds LE, Bel'Shir Vestige LE, Newkirk Precinct TE, Cactus Valley LE

For Best of 3 Series, ABAB ABC. Both players take turns to veto 2 maps from the map pool, so there is 3 left, then A selects the first map.

For Best of 5 Series, AB ABABC. Both players take turns to veto 1 map from the map pool, so there is 5 left, then A selects the first map.

To find opponents, practice partners, tournament updates, news, Q&A, announcements, etc, join our new OSC Community Discord Server: discord.gg/wVtXBtB


Players can agree upon other arrangements, eg KR, if unable to reach an agreement, the following is recommended:

KR /SEA v EU - NA Central

NA v EU - NA E, EU, NA E

NA v NA - G1-3 US Central

EU v EU - EU

EU v CH - KR

NA/L.AM vs CH/SEA/AU - G1 US W, G2 AU, G3 US W

AU vs SEA - G1 AU, G2 SEA, G3 AU


冠军: ByuN
有价值对手: Kelazhur


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