SGDQ 2018 Smash 4 Tournament

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For people going to SGDQ 2018 only!

-All characters allowed, including Miis

-2 stocks

-6 minutes

-Starter stages: Battlefield, Final Destination, Lylat Cruise, Town & City, Smashville

-Counterpick Stage: Dream Land

-Best of 3

-Winner of the 1st match bans a stage for the next game, loser picks the next stage

-Battlefield and Dream Land are tied, so if you ban Battlefield, you also ban Dream Land, and vice versa

-Winner can't go back to a previous stage they won on

-Top 4 Best of 5, so Winners Finals, Losers Semis, Losers Finals, and Grand Finals


冠军: 1upgirlXaltis
有价值对手: Mr_Shasta
下次再说: Electric Soldier


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