War 10 January part 3 smash ultimate

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Welcome everyone to war 10 our third game this month is is smash ultimate fs meter off spirits off  all items off stage hazards off..ft3 sets 2 stocks happening on January the 19 on 6:00 pm est sign up for war 10 here https://goo.gl/forms/Xh6dcTHzyHzMGeWn2


Battlefield,Final Destination..(and any version of fd or battlefield).., Pokémon Stadium 2 and Town and City


Warioware Inc, Frigate Orpheon, Snashville, Yoshi’s Story, Yoshi’s Island and Castle Siege 

If ya don’t know I believe the stages work like..on the first game players can only pick from the starters list on the second game players can choose from the Counters and the Starters list

Both players every set will choose a stage then heads or tails then we will use the t!coin command to see the stage for the set

And on top of that both players can ban 1 stage per set form both list...here’s an example player 1 picks FD and bans Castle, then player 2 picks Pokémon stadium 2 then bans Yoshi’s Island...after that they use t!coin to see what stage that will be played on....then that goes on until a winer is made....ps ya don’t have to ban if you don’t want,.. pss all ya bans reset after both players are done 


冠军: Delta386
有价值对手: coconutbowling
下次再说: DemonChu


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