Weekly Mt. Wildwood Official Battle: #YoKaiHalloween Special

  • 19 玩家 Single Elimination  
  • Yo-Kai Watch 2  
  • 2016年 October月 31日 5:00 PM CDT  
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A special Official Battle tournament for Halloween! 

Only the following Yo-Kai may be used: Shady Yo-Kai, Eerie Yo-Kai, Corptain, Snee, Skranny, Mircle, Dazzabelle, Rattelle, Skelebella, Damona, Scarasol, and Slurpent, Shadow Orochi. Anyone using any  Yo-Kai not listed here will be immediately disqualified.

This week's prizes are:

1st Place - Tyrat, Scritchy, Dracunyan
2nd Place - Damona, Dracunyan
3rd Place - Dracunyan

Full details here.


冠军: TheDiamondPiggy (Eddie) 5413-0376-1876
有价值对手: 101Leafy 2836-0120-3213 (Keita)
下次再说: ZKTurtle (Zachary) 1907-8158-7044


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