Bacon's Weekly #2: Rough Start

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You must join the Discord server to participate!!
  - If you don't sign up with your Discord name, you will be removed from bracket!!

     ** 1st Place will win $10*** !! **

          ** $30 if we can hit 32!! **


 - 2 stocks
 - 6 minutes
 - Best of 3 Sets
   - Top 4 Best of 5 Sets
 - 1-2-1 Striking
   - Lower Seed Strikes First

 - Battlefield
 - Final Destination
 - Town and City
 - Smashville
 - Lylat

Well, my resolve to host more brackets is already off to a great start. I've already missed 2 straight weeks since the first one, and I was doing absolutely nothing during those weeks. Literally. I wasn't even working, I had been terminated from my last job. Nothing, at all. :clap: But hey, I'm making another, so I guess I'm not out of the count yet.

You can find the full ruleset here.

***Minimum 16 participants required for prize to be available
***Can be payed out via Paypal, or as a digital gift card


冠军: Frawg
有价值对手: ClubberDan
下次再说: deleted2583986


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