Clan Area Solo Tour #1

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1. Mode:

  •  16 team Double Elimination  Best-Of  3 (Final Best-Of 5)
  • Winner of winner-bracket has to win against winner of looser-bracket to win the tournament

2. Playground:

  •  Clan Area @ Northrend BNET
  • 2017/12/10 1:30 PM

3. Host:

  • If both player agree with a private host, it's fine ( or private Hosting)
  • If no other hostoption is avaible, you have to play on Hostbot "Area.Hosting"!
  • How to host; type !load [yourmap] !priv [gamename as shown below]

4. Fairness:

  •  No hacks or third party tools allowed, we are a clean clan!

5. Scores:

  •  Enter the scores by yourself into the grid or tell them to any orga.

6. Replays:

  •  All games will be autosaved on the hostbot.
  • If you pub your game, rename it as your playernames + roundnumber are (f.e.: !Pub Player1 vs Player2 r1)

7. Mappool:

  •  EI, TM, TS, SV, AZ, AI, MV, TR, LR.
  • Maps will be selected by Veto System. The upper Player in the grid has the first Veto. In following games, looser choose.


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