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#cpmduel cup 8

  • 22 Players
  • Double Elimination
  • Game not specified
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Main information

8th cpm duel cup organized by  neverGreen and  eThaD

Stream: we hope nvc will do it

Date: 15th of March, 19:00 CET 




Map pool: cpm3a (weapon respawn 15), cpm15 (wr 15), cpm22 (wr 5), cpm24 (wr 5), pukka3tourney2 (wr 5), cpm1a (wr 5), industrial (wr 5
System: Double Elimination, WB is best of 3 (Grand final is best of 5), LB is best of 1.

Map pick: Flip a coin. Winner chooses, who picks map 1st. Then the 2nd guy picks a map. After that two maps are played. If score is 1:1, then the guy who has less frag sum from both maps drops one map from 5 left. His opponent chooses one to play from two maps left. In LB the one who win the toss is droping first map, then the other one do the same until one map left.

Server pick: The server with more or less equal ping should be chosen to play. The only exception is for players living far away (NA, siberia) or having problems with connection. These players should play on one of listed servers, if their opponent wont agree for their server. 
Warps: Warping players should be mannered and leave the tournament. Opponent can ask admins to remove player from tournament.
Nick: Your nick on sign-up list should be the same as irc one. 
 neverGreen,  eThaD

Communication: Every player, who is signed in the cup has to check-in to participate! To check-in pm esc|eThaD or neverGreen on irc. Check-in starts 16:45. All the players during the cup have to be online at #cpmduel @ quakenet.

Console command limits: 

rate 25000 +

cl_maxpackets 125 +


冠军: HAL_9000
有价值对手: gaiia
下次再说: Padawan


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