Quickfire Tournament #2

  • Groups (8 → 2) then Single Elimination  
  • Star Realms  
  • 2018年 May月 7日 12:00 AM PDT  
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The Quickfire Tournament is a rapid-paced Round Robin tournament with a final elimination stage.

It is expected that people will play quickly, and the goal is to complete the tournament in approximately a week (this is not for the faint-hearted!)
Therefore, if you are unable to play multiple games and turns per day, please consider this tournament may not be for you...

That said!

Each pool will hold no more than 8 players
Each pool will qualify 2 players for the single elimination
Games will be played both home and away, and in any order you please.
Players will be grouped by Timezone where they indicate a preference for that (where possible) 
Players not grouped by timezone will still be expected to play their games as quickly as possible

(Please review the google doc for home and away formats to prepare yourselves!)

You are responsible for sending challenges for your HOME matches only.

If your your opponent has limited access to expansion pacs, you will choose the format from their available expansions.
- Example. Hypaspist (VW-G1BEHFC2KU) is hosting Svencarpenter (VW-G1). Sven only has access to VW-G1.
Hypaspist may challenge Sven in any combination of VW-G1 has Hypaspist's home format is not available.

The elimination stages will be a 1 shot game, played in the home format of the highest seed.

The Finals will be a best of 3, one in each Home format with the 3rd game (if needed) being played in the home format of the higher seed.

Good Luck, and may the topdecks be ever in your favour!


冠军: stips
有价值对手: BaX


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