Duttles 3rd Open Monthly (Diamond and below)

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Diamond and below open tournament

/join mitosisGaming in SC2 for matchups

Discord: https://discord.gg/BGzsFeb

www.twitch.tv/duttles (not going to be casting this weekend)

www.twitch.tv/andyman80085 (MAIN STREAM FOR TOURNAMENT!)

All matches are BO3 until the finals, which will be BO5

Casting will be done by the Mitosis Gaming casting crew (Duttles and Andyman80085) on these two channels (so more matches can be casted, they will be split until the semi-finals):

NOTE: Duttles will actually be out of town for this tournament. Andyman80085 will have the main channel for streaming this. PhoenixTears (caster for ProxyTemptest) has also expressed interest in casting matches for this tournament as well, so please check out his twitch as well! Details will be posted in our discord.

Please provide your race, league, server, and in-game name in the discussion after signing up so I can properly set up seeds.


冠军: MrHyde08
有价值对手: LastSurprise


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