Goons Game Poorly Online - ST #1

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Goons Game Poorly Online: The Return

Game: Super Turbo

System: PC (via GGPO)

Date: Tuesday, June 17 2014
Time: 9:30pm EST


  • Double Elimination (Don’t leave if you lost once!)
  • Random Seeding 
  • All matches except Finals will be best 2 of 3 games
  • All Finals matches (Winners, Losers, Grand) will be best 3 of 5 games
  • Players may only change characters after losing a game. The winning player must use the same character that they won with.
  • Make sure you can send and receive challenges on GGPO before the match starts. 

PLEASE SIGN UP WITH YOUR SA NAME AND IRC HANDLE! Please be in IRC at start time! Server is, channel is #goonsgarden

Players who are not in the channel within 10 minutes of start time or by the time their opponent’s next match is available (whichever comes last) may be disqualified by their opponent. I will DQ mercilessly. This means you should forward your ports before it’s time for the tournament! If you can see your own ping on GGPO, your ports are forwarded.

If you don't understand how to set up GGPO, please ask around in IRC before the allotted start time.


冠军: interrodactyl | dnastyx
有价值对手: legendary_dustin
下次再说: abobobama


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