Hearts United 2

  •   2 玩家 Single Elimination
  •   Touhou Hisoutensoku
  •   2017年 December月 8日 8:30 PM EST
  •   签到: 正在进行中
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The purpose of the tournament? To foster love and friendship between you and all your best Soku friends!


1. This tournament format will be a single elimination bracket.

2. Instead of individual players, 4 man teams will be paired against each other in crew battle style..

3. Teams will play a crew style 4v4 with each other.

4. Each player in the crew will have 1 life (stock).

-Therefore each player must fight until they lose one game. When they lose one game, the team moves onto its next player.

5. Players in crews will have a FIXED battle order, when applying for the tournament with your team name, you must tell me in what order your players will be playing.

-If you don't know who to team with, you can always PM me and I'll add you to a list of people and make teams for you.

6. If two players cannot play each other due to hosting or connection issues, they must coinflip for the win.

7. If a player doesn't show up to play for your team, you have two options:

-1) You play without the team member. Your team only has 3 lives instead of 4.

-If a missing player comes back later in the tourney it's fine, they can contribute to your teams life stocks again

-2) You find a substitute for the team member, that substitute has to stay in the tournament for the entire duration.

8. Character locks are active during the set. You can swap to different characters when you go onto the next set, but when you're fighting in your spot for the crew, you cannot change characters.



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