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Masters Cup 25

  • 104 Players
  • Single Elimination
  • Game not specified
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The first map of each round is pre-determined and outlined in the following list. The losing player will decide the subsequent map. The map pool is as follows:

Ro128: WCS Daybreak (B01 no 2nd game) (R1 on bracket)
Ro64: WCS Ohana (B01 no 2nd game) (R2 on bracket)
Ro32: WCS Cloud Kingdom (B03) (R3 on bracket)
Ro16: WCS Entombed Valley (B03) (R4 on bracket)
Ro8: GSL Metropolis (B03) (R5 on bracket)
Semi-Finals: GSL Whirlwind (B03) 
Finals: (B05) WCS Anitga Shipyard
(3rd Place Match WCS Anitga Shipyard, B03)

Loser can pick from any the following maps: 
WCS Cloud Kingdom, WCS Daybreak, WCS Ohana, WCS Anitga Shipyard, WCS Entombed Valley, GSL Metropolis, GSL Whirlwind

* Players are allowed 1 veto each per round. The first game cannot be vetoed.

Admins: DevianT + TaXanT

In game channel: Sc2seamc


冠军: cjookto.524
有价值对手: iMMafia.890
下次再说: TtPiG.473


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