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Masters Cup 39

  • 45 Players
  • Double Elimination
  • Game not specified
1st $100+ 125 OSC points 
2nd $50+ 85 OSC points 
3rd $30+ 50 OSC points 
4th $10+ 30 OSC points 
5/6th25 OSC points each
7/8th 15 OSC points each
9-12th 10 OSC points each
13-16th 7.5 OSC points each
17-24th 5 OSC points each

Join the group SEA Masters Cup.
Double Elimination.

Map Pool:
Heavy Rain LE, Star Station TE, Alterzim Stronghold TE, Habitation Station LE, Frost, Yeonsu, Polar Night

For Best of 3 Series, both players take turns to veto 2 maps from the map pool, so there is 3 left, then they each select the map they most want if they lose, and start with the remaining map.

For Best of 1 Series, both players take turns veto maps from the map pool, and play the remaining one

Admin: DevianT


冠军: Petraeus
有价值对手: NXZ.826
下次再说: MightyKiwi


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