PH Starcraft Remastered Starleague Season 1

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PH Starcraft Remastered Starleague Season 1


1st place - P5,000

2nd place - P2,500

3rd place - P2,000

4th place - P1,000

5-8th place - P300

Pinoy Game Store would also like to sponsor a copy of Starcraft Remastered for the tournament - given to either the tournament winner or the player with the highest finish that does not have a Remastered


Oct 9-15 - Ro32 group stage (Top two players in each group advance)

Oct 16-22 - Ro16 (Sixteen player single-elimination bracket)

Oct 23-29 - Ro8  (Eight player single-elimination bracket)

Oct 30-Nov 5 - Ro4 and Finals



Best of 3 Ro32 to semifinals

Best of 5 Finals


Starting Maps:

The first game in all series must be played on Circuit Breaker. Loser picks the next map from the map pool. NO REPEAT MAPS. Exception: The fifth game in Bo5 series on Grand Finals will be played on Circuit Breaker as well.

Circuit Breaker

Lost Temple

Gold Rush




US West, channel SCPH


Player eligibility: 

Only Filipinos are allowed to play in this tournament


Race picking:

Players may only use one race in their match and not allowed to change race between games.

Random is not allowed.



Disqualification time / Walkover is 30 minutes on their agreed date and time.

Disconnection and Lag:

If there is a disconnect, replay the game unless one player disputes (due to having a large advantage). Then, the admins will watch the replay and make a decision to regame or give the win. Admins have the final decision in ALL situations.

In the event of lag, both players are to set Network Latency to "High" or  "Extra High" before deciding whether to change hosts/server or not.



冠军: EnDerr (Zerg)
有价值对手: eXoBLaZeR (Protoss)
下次再说: banga_ph (Zerg/Protoss)


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