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Rules for C&E


In C&E Tours After You Beat Someone You Take 1 of there Pokemon and evolve one

In doubles C&E tourneys you take 2 Pokemon and evolve 2


If you are given a Pokemon you don't like you get 1 reroll whatever it is you keep

In doubles you reroll both with only a single reroll


No Scouting Ever If you Choose Wrong Team you Will Be Disqualified


In The 8 Person C&ES megas aren't evolution's and you can not use Uber megas unless it is specifically Ubers. In Doubles or 16 man tourneys megas ARE evolution's


If You Join Please make sure you have the time to do one of these


I will do what the votes tell me to do not what everyone else wants so if you want something else vote something else


Pm Me The links to the battle to make sure


Do not try to cheat by moving yourself up the bracket without me looking  i always keep check


OU format for everything besides stuff like Ubers and RU, PU, NU, and UU And Legends is played in Ubers


If you need to ask a question just PM me since i have nothing better to do


Round 1 Bans

Z moves, Eviolites


Whole tourney Bans

Leppa Berry


what i use to randomize https://xfix.github.io/ce/


冠军: UhOhYouSuck
有价值对手: OKUchan


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