Discord Smash

  • Groups (4 → 2) then Single Elimination  
  • Super Smash Flash 2  
  • 2017年 October月 21日 1:30 PM AWST  
  • 签到: 正在进行中  
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Dear People,

The rules are as follows:

2 Lives, Timer set to 8mins

Only legal stages allowed, 

How it will played:

I will go Jigglypuff while you 2 pick your mains. I will then kill myself but in the meantime you are NOT allowed to hit each other. Once Jiggs is dead and wont spawn, the match will start. It's a best out of 3 set. After every match players will advance to the next bracket. The winners of each bracket go to the winner's bracket, while the losers go to loser's bracket.

Keep in mind! Even though you are in loser's brackets, that doesn't mean you can't reach the finals.