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The bad video game tournament is back!  Schedule here:

This tournament will feature two phases:

First stage will be a double elimination in groups. Two people from each group will move on to the next round. To keep things moving quickly, many of the first round matches will be hour matches rather than two hours.

Second stage will be a double elimination. Remember, a loss in the first stage does not affect you here, so everyone will be back to even. Each round will have a different theme. Both themes will apply to winners and losers brackets:

Round 1:  Justice Deliciously Squared

As Scar says, "Be prepared." For what? For Disney games!

Time: 1 hour

Round 2: Never Coming to a Theater Near You

While we've seen some games based on movies and television, there are approximately a billion more.

Time: 1 hour

Round 3: Reoccurring Nighmares

You thought you were done with any games that have been played? Tough luck! All games in this round will be drawn from the pool of previously played games from Twosogrande. In some cases, passwords or save states may be used to start partway through the game.

Time: 1 hour

Round 4: Twosogrande Gauntlet

We have a dark legacy for making things too easy. Each gauntlet will feature a unique collection of 10 games with save states, each game requiring a specific goal to be completed before moving to the next.

Time: 1 hour

Round 5: The Endurance Round

Really, though, an hour sometimes just isn't enough for Twosogrande.

Time: 2 hours

Semifinals, Losers Round 6: Sweet, Sweet Vengeance

Those who lost in the previous round will decide what game you will play.

Time: 1 hour

Finals, Losers Round 7-9: Let's Get Down to Business

We're here for bad games, right? There's no restriction to the games chosen here - Brossentia chooses, and he'll make sure you have fun.

Time: 1 hour

Prepare to suffer!


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