MonoColor Gray Catch And Evolve Tournament #1

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Welcome To My Catch And Evolve Tournement If You Dont Know To Play C&E Check Out The Link Below !!

                                                                                                     Round 1 Bans 

                                                                             Z Moves And Eviolites Are Banned !!

                                                                                                       Tour Bans

                                                                    Leppa Berries Are Banned For The Whole Tour !!


  • In C&E Tours After You Beat Someone You Take 1 of There Pokemon and Evolve one !!

  • If You Are Given A Pokemon You Don't  Like You Get 1 Reroll Whatever It Is You Have To Keep It !!

  • No Scouting Ever If You Choose Wrong Team You Will Be Disqualified !!

  • In The 8 Person C&ES Megas Aren't Evolution's And You Can Not Use Uber Megas Unless It Is Specifically Ubers. In Doubles Or 16 Man Tours Megas Are Counted As Evolution's !!

  • If You Do  Join Please Make Sure You Have The Time To Do One Of These Tours !!

  • I Will Be Doing Strawpolls Voting Site So If You Want To Vote For The Next C&E Make Sure You Do It In Strawpolls !!

  • PM Me The Battle Links For Proof Of Your Victory !!

  • Do Not Try To Cheat By Moving Yourself Up The Bracket Without Me Looking  I Always Keep In Check !!

  • OU Format For Everything Besides Stuff Like Ubers Tours And RU, PU, NU, And UU But  Legends Tours Are Played In Ubers !!

  • If You Need To Ask A Question Just PM Me Since I Have Nothing Better To Do !!

  • Have Fun !!