Smash 3DS Waifu Edition

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All Female characters are allowed. If a character has a female alt, you are allowed to use it.
Pokemon arent allowed because you cant tell their gender 

Here are some basic rules to follow. Reminder that this is a Smash 3DS tourney: 

- Be there up to 30 minutes before start time to check-in, otherwise you will be DQ'd.
- Make yourself recognizable: if your Challonge name makes us unable to find you on the Smash 3DS/Ultimate Discord server, you will be DQ'd. This also means that you must be in the aforementioned server to be able to participate.
- You have 10 minutes to start each of your sets, otherwise you will be given a set loss.

- Best of 3 for the entirety of the tourney, except for Grands and Loser Final (Best of 5).

- 2 stocks, 6 minutes, no items or customs. Miis are allowed with default moveset.

- Starter stages are Battlefield, Final Destination and Yoshi's Island.

- Counter picks are Prism Tower, Duck Hunt and Arena Ferox and Dream Land 64.
- A set goes as follows: using a random method, the designated player will ban a starter stage, with his opponent banning a starter as well. The remaining stage will be picked for the first game to be settled on. After game 1, the winner bans two stages among the starters and counterpicks, and the opponent picks a stage among those remaining.
If you need help, contact me or another admin. Have fun.



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