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The Wind Waker Randomizer Spoiler Log Tournament (Fall 2020)

Welcome to The Wind Waker Randomizer Spoiler Log Tournament for Fall 2020, featuring a $1000 prize pool!

Unlike a regular randomizer race in which runners do not know where items are, a spoiler log race has no hidden information. Runners have access to the spoiler log during the race, which shows which chest contains each item. Based on the spoiler log, runners have to create a route and complete the game as quickly as possible.

All runners, commentators, and volunteers must join the TWW Randomizer Racing Discord Server, which will be used to coordinate races.


Seeding Races

Seeding Race 1: October 17th at 7pm EDT

Seeding Race 2: October 18th at 11am EDT

Seeding Race 3: October 19th at 1pm EDT

Seeding Race 4: October 20th at 11pm EDT

Group Stage

Group Stage Starts: October 24th

Group Stage Deadline: November 22nd

Final Stage

WB Round 1 Deadline: December 6th

WB Round 2 Deadline: December 13th

LB Round 1 Deadline: December 20th

WB Quarters DeadlineJanuary 3rd

LB Top 16 Deadline: January 3rd

LB Top 12 Deadline: January 10th

WB Semis Deadline: January 17th

LB Top 8 Deadline: January 17th

LB Quarters Deadline: January 24th

WB Finals Deadline: January 31st

LB Semis Deadline: January 31st

LB Finals Deadline: February 7th

Grand Finals Deadline: February 14th

All matches in the Final Stage should happen no earlier than 2 weeks before the round deadline.

Prize Distribution

1st: $500

2nd: $200

3rd: $100

4th: $70

5th-6th: $40

7th-8th: $25


Randomizer Settings

Wind Waker Randomizer 1.8.0

Example Permalink: MS44LjAATmljZUFjY29tbW9kYXRpbmdLb3JvawAXAwYCDxDADAAAAAAAAAA=

Progress Item Locations

  • Dungeons
  • Puzzle Secret Caves
  • Great Fairies
  • Free Gifts
  • Miscellaneous
  • Tingle Chests
  • Short Sidequests
  • Mail

Additional Randomization Options

  • Sword Mode: Start with Sword
  • Randomize Entrances: Dungeons & Secret Caves (Together)
  • Race Mode
  • Triforce Shards to Start With: 0
  • Randomize Starting Island
  • Randomize Enemy Palettes

Convenience Tweaks

  • Swift Sail
  • Instant Text Boxes
  • Reveal Full Sea Chart
  • Skip Boss Rematches
  • Add Shortcut Warps Between Dungeons
  • Remove Title and Ending Videos
  • Disabled: Remove Music
  • Optional: Invert Camera X-Axis

Advanced Options

  • Disabled: Do Not Generate Spoiler Log

Preparation Stage

  • 50 minutes before the start of the race, runners receive the spoiler log (which does not include the permalink) and begin routing.
  • 15 minutes before the start of the race, runners receive a permalink that can be used to generate the ISO. Runners should transfer the ISO to their console or emulator.

Cheating Prevention

Several measures will be in place in order to minimize the possibility of cheating. Failure to follow these measures will result in disqualification from the race:

  • Runners will be given a file name to use 1 minute before the race starts.

  • After defeating Ganondorf, runners must advance to at least the second textbox, which includes the player’s name.

Randomizer Setup Rules

  • Both console and emulator are allowed.

  • Disc read speed should be unlocked.

    • "Unlock Read Speed" if using Nintendont

    • "Speed up Disc Transfer Rate" if using Dolphin

  • All custom player models in the official model pack are allowed. Any other custom player model is only allowed if it is approved by the tournament organizers.
  • All hacks, cheats, and game modifications are banned.

In-Game Rules

  • All glitches and tricks are allowed except:

    • Barrier Skip

    • Puppet Ganon Skip

    • Fairy Item Duplication

  • Using the Tingle Tuner is allowed by default. However, if either of the runners objects to this rule, the Tingle Tuner will be banned for both runners. Runners must decide whether to ban the Tingle Tuner before receiving the spoiler log. If the Tingle Tuner is banned, the Tingle Tuner item may still be used if there is no GameBoy Advance connected.

General Rules

  • Streaming is required. Past broadcasts must be preserved. The stream must include game audio. There must be no overlays or text covering gameplay. Local recording is highly encouraged to help avoid disqualification in the event of the stream disconnecting.

  • You are allowed to watch the restream or your opponent's stream, but the streams must be muted. All Twitch chats must be kept closed, including your chat, your opponent's chat, and the restream chat.
  • The seed and the spoiler log cannot be shared with anyone. The spoiler log can be shown on your stream, but the route cannot be shown. You cannot receive any help (solicited or unsolicited) during the routing process or during the race.

  • Any automated tool that parses the spoiler log is banned. Using a tracker is allowed, as long as it is controlled manually.

  • If both runners forfeit the race or both runners finish within 2 seconds of each other, the runners will be required to schedule a rematch (which will use a different seed).

Tournament Format

Seeding Races

There will be four races to determine seeding. Runners only need to participate in one of the seeding races - if a runner joins multiple races, only the first race they enter will count towards their seeding. Participation in the seeding races is optional - any runners that do not enter a seeding race will be randomly seeded at the bottom.

Group Stage

Each group will include 3 or 4 runners (depending on the group), and 2 runners will advance to the Final Stage from each group.

Runners in a group will all race each other in a round-robin format. Each runner will complete 2 or 3 races (depending on the group) in the Group Stage.

A runner's rank within their group will be determined by the following criteria, in order:

  1. Number of wins in the Group Stage
  2. Head-to-head race result

In the event of a 3-way tie, there will be a 3-way race to determine who moves on to the Final Stage.

Final Stage

The final stage of the tournament will be a double elimination bracket.

Each matchup in the bracket will be determined by a single race. Grand Finals will be either 1 or 2 races depending on whether there is a bracket reset.

A runner's seeding in the bracket will be determined by the following criteria, in order:

  1. Rank within their group
  2. Number of losses in the Group Stage (excluding tiebreaker races)
  3. Tournament seed

Final Results

Icon medal first
Icon medal second
Icon medal third















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